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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Leading the league in SMILE
Leading the league in SMILE

On the morning of the day the Rangers will begin play in the Houston leg of the Lone Star Series, the feeling in the news about the Rangers is that they are searching for a hot streak. 

Jeff Wilson writes that even though some players admit that the team has under-performed so far this season, they still believe they're the best team in the AL West and their goals haven't changed.

T.R. Sullivan writes the annual David Murphy-is-excited-to-play-in-Houston article. Though, one wonders how much he'll actually play in Houston.

On that, ESPN Dallas' Art Garcia writes about what the Rangers will do with their lineup in the National League park with Elvis Andrus presumably out for the series. The good news is, no, Michael Young won't play shortstop.

But Michael Young will probably play first base which is fine because the Rangers need the bat of the American League Player of the Week. Wilson has notes on that achievement for Young as well as an update on Spanish Language radio broadcasts.

On the injured pitchers front, Garcia writes that Darren O'Day might be back soon and will probably be the first of the Feldman/Hunter/O'Day troika to be recalled from rehab. Reinforcements! O'Day chants!

Not in line to be called up any time soon, but playing well enough to be considered, Drew Davison writes about Chris Davis' continued hot streak in Triple-A Round Rock and what the Rangers might be looking to do with him. Hint: Trade him.

Scott Coolbaugh is someone very familiar with Davis, but as Richard Durrett writes, Coolbaugh is getting familiar with his new job as big league hitting coach while already being a familiar face.

So much for those Carlos Beltran/Frankie Rodriguez rumors. Nolan Ryan has already shot those down, per this transcript of a radio interview posted on the DMN site.

ESPN Dallas has a radio interview with Adrian Beltre posted where he talks about "the disappointing series against the Mets, the umpire affect, Josh Hamilton's blues, dental hygiene, and more."

Sullivan continues his series of honoring the 50 years of the Senators/Rangers franchise with his Top 50 short-lived people in Washington/Texas history. Cliff Lee should be either #1, or if he had loved us like we loved him, not on this list at all. *manly tears*

Finally, Gerry Fraley (which, speaking of, I thought we got rid of Gerry Fraley?) writes about Ian Kinsler's batting average slump this season with Kinsler saying, frankly, that he just stinks this season. That should fuel Twitter around here for days and days and days...