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MLB filings rip Frank McCourt

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Bill Shaikin's latest at the LA Times blog (h/t to Hardball Talk) has some quotes from MLB's latest filing in the Los Angeles Dodgers bankruptcy case. The juicy part:

"Having siphoned off well over $100 million of club revenues and obviously unable to distinguish between his personal interests and those of the club, Frank McCourt has driven the Dodgers into a liquidity crisis so severe that, absent extraordinary measures, the club would be unable to make its payroll," the filing read. "Mr. McCourt attempted to use that looming disaster to leverage (MLB) into approving the sale of the club's broadcast rights to pay current expenses and to permit millions more to be misappropriated for personal use."

Oh, snap! McCourt just got served!

Seriously, though, what I have to wonder is what McCourt's endgame is here. Let's say he succeeds, through the bankruptcy courts, at getting his deal approved and keeping Bud Selig and MLB at bay.

Then what?

He's a pariah within the game. He'll still have an over-leveraged franchise with its future income stream truncated because of the nature of the Fox Sports deal. No one is going to want to deal with him. The goodwill of his franchise will be devastated.

I just can't help but wonder...what does McCourt see as his ideal outcome with all this?