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Grant: Rangers considering bringing back Chris Davis

Evan Grant writes over at the DMN blog that the Rangers are contemplating bringing Chris Davis back to the majors, with Josh Hamilton moving back to centerfield.

This would presumably result in Davis replacing Endy Chavez, with Hamilton playing centerfield against righthanders, and Craig Gentry being the fifth outfielder and sometimes playing center against lefthanded pitching.

Alternatively, Gentry could be optioned, although that would give the Rangers a lot of lefties in Davis, Hamilton, Chavez, David Murphy, and Mitch Moreland.  If Murphy has options, he could conceivably be optioned, as well, but that seems unlikely.

If Davis came up, he'd presumably play primarily against righthanders, either at first base (with Moreland moving to DH or the outfield) or in a corner outfield spot.  Davis's return would also likely mean that, when Mike Napoli is activated, he would replace Taylor Teagarden on the active roster, which would give the Rangers a bench of:

Chris Davis

Mike Napoli

Andres Blanco

Craig Gentry or David Murphy