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Keith Law Top 100 Draft Prospects Now Up

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Keith Law has his final version of his 2011 Major League Baseball Draft Top 100 Prospect Rankings up at ESPN.

This does not take into account signability or bonus demands -- this is simply, as Law explains, "my ranking of these players, roughly the order in which I would take them if signability was not a factor."

Of the players we've earlier profiled, Josh Bell comes in at #15, Blake Swihart at #19, and Brandon Nimmo at #33.

Gerrit Cole is #1 on Law's board.

Among other players of note, TCU sophomore and former Texas Ranger first round pick Matt Purke comes in at #100.

I'm not going to be profiling Purke, in part because I think most folks here are familiar with him, in part because there's a lack of buzz about him and Texas, and in part because if Texas were to take him, it would be later in the draft than at #33 or #37.

I will say, though, that Purke is someone who, I would guess, will drop to at least the third round, with someone taking a flyer on him at that point or later and giving him the chance to pitch this summer in one of the summer leagues to show he's healthy before committing to sign him.  As a sophomore, Purke has plenty of leverage, and I don't suspect he'll sign this summer for less than $4 million.