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Monday Morning Rangers Update

I was initially drawn in by the Rangers fan with the broom but then, these guys
I was initially drawn in by the Rangers fan with the broom but then, these guys

This should be an interesting day. The Rangers are arriving home with a five game winning streak after completing a 6-1 road trip to begin this tough stretch of 17 of 20 road games. Oh, and also, the MLB Draft begins tonight as well.

T.R. Sullivan recaps yesterday's game in Cleveland where the Rangers swept the team with the best record in baseball and the team with the America League's best home record. It was the Rangers first four game sweep on the road since 1999.

Richard Durrett's reactions to the game include the note that the Rangers outscored the Rays and Indians 42-16 over the seven game road trip amongst other super great notes about the Rangers starting pitching.

Evan Grant has some observations about the Rangers win yesterday and the team's current streak of amazing starting pitching. This game's pitching hero was, of course, C.J. Wilson. Grant notes that the Rangers are now 32-14 since the beginning of the 2010 season when Wilson starts.

Anthony Witrado of The Sporting News has a piece on the Rangers current success and how it is tied in with the return of Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz from the disabled list. 

Sullivan has some notes up about the team which include an update on Matt Harrison's kidney stone issues, the Rangers starter's success on the road, All-Star Game voting, and, would you believe it, Dave Bush is a Hall of Famer.

The Star-Telegram's Jeff Wilson has his own notes and they include Josh Hamilton getting a day game day off yesterday and an update on Tommy Hunter's rehabbing groin.

The MLB Draft begins tonight with the Rangers picking at #33 and #37 in the first round and first supplemental round. Below are some links with information about what the Rangers might be looking at and some players the Rangers might target:

Finally, in an update of players the Rangers already have in their system, Ryan Jones of the DMN takes a look at the performances of the Rangers' top ten prospects this week.