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MLB Draft 2011 -- Texas Rangers select Will Lamb in the second round

Continuing their run of off-the-board selections in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft, with their second round pick, #83 overall, the Texas Rangers have selected Clemson lefthanded pitcher Will Lamb.

Note I said lefthanded pitcher...Lamb also played centerfield for Clemson, and was apparently told by some scounts that he'd be a centerfielder as a pro. However, he was announced as a pitcher, so that's apparently what the Rangers are going to use him as.

Lamb is 6'6" and 180 lbs. He did not crack the Baseball America top 200 list. Lamb threw only 24 2/3 innings this year, with an ERA north of 5, spending more time in centerfield than on the mound.

I'm trying to find a scouting report on Will Lamb, with little success. The article linked above says that Lamb throws 90 mph, but I'm not locating much other information on him. I will update this post when more info becomes available.

UPDATE -- The words being used around the Twittersphere in regards to Lamb are "athletic" and "projectable." Athletic makes sense, since he played centerfield for an ACC program. And projectable makes sense, since he is 6'6". The Rangers presumably think he'll make strides once he's a full-time pitcher.

UPDATE II -- Here's what Jason Parks had to say in the comments below:

Just talked to a scout who was drooling over the potential Lamb shows on the mound. Massive height, with long arms and steep plane to plate; velocity on FB up to 95; clean action and delivery; slider flashes plus potential; needs to add strength to frame; heard he could be a very good starter if focused on pitching. Very athletic. High ceiling.