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2011 MLB Draft -- Texas Rangers select Desmond Henry in the fourth round

In the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft, the Texas Rangers have selected high school outfielder Desmond Henry from Centennial High School in Compton, California.

Henry is listed at 5'10", 150 pounds, a righthanded hitting and throwing centerfielder. Baseball America ranked him as the 30th best prospect in a weak Southern California draft class.

Professor Parks, on Twitter, says Henry "can really, really run."

Rich Lederer says Henry had the third-fastest 60 yard dash time at the Area Code Games last year, with a 6.47.

I will see if I can find more information on Henry. However, based on what we know, what can we say?

Fast. Athletic. Projectable. Has upside. Profiles as a future centerfielder, probably someone who they hope can use his speed to become a top flight defender in centerfield.

Once again, we are seeing the Rangers focus on players with upside, pitchers who are projectable, and up-the-middle position players.

UPDATE -- Here's YouTube video of Henry.