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Happy birthday, Kevin Gross

Happy birthday to Kevin Gross, who turns 50 today.

Kevin Gross was signed by Doug Melvin as a free agent in the middle of the 1994-95 strike offseason, getting a two year, $6.3 million deal, despite being 33 with a career ERA+ of 96 at the time.

Gross, who had spent his entire career prior to coming to Texas pitching in the National League, was seen as someone who would give the Rangers innings in the back of the rotation, and he did soak up some innings, although with an ERA above 5, and a WHIP above 1.5, in both 1995 and 1996. Gross ended up getting bumped from the rotation in 1996, although his 5.22 ERA was good enough for an ERA+ of 101, given the heightened offense at the time and how hitter-friendly TBIA was playing.

Gross re-signed with the Rangers in the spring of 1997, but was released, and ended up getting picked up mid-season by the Angels. He registered a 6.75 ERA with them in limited time, however, and his career ended soon thereafter.