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Friday morning linkaliciousness

A bunch of random stuff out there worthy of note, so rather than do a half-dozen FanShots on the front page, I'll round them all up in a linkaliciousness post...

Joey Matches has a piece at BPon the Rangers and the A.L. West.

Rob Neyer has a post upon the possibilities of the Astros moving to the A.L. West, and a Houston/Texas rivalry...

At the blog Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness, we have a list of the 50 sins of Frank McCourt as Dodgers owner, which includes gems such as this:

Paid Vladimir Shpunt, an elderly Russian self-proclaimed "faith healer" who knew little about baseball, approximately $600k to send the team "V Energy" from his home in Boston. Yes, that’s a thing which really happened.

Jeff Sullivan has a great post up looking at the celebrations from each closer in the majors, breaking them into categories and supplying a gif for each.  

Jon Bois takes a look at what your lead at the halfway point says about your team's playoff chances.

ESPN has a story on Joe Mauer, the latest example of why you shouldn't take a hometown discount to play for your local small-market team.  The article looks at how Mauer is being pilloried by the press and fans in Minneapolis, most recently because he hasn't "volunteered" to play first base on days he isn't catching, and includes stuff such as:

"So what's different about Mauer and Jeter is not just Jeter has five World Series rings and Joe Mauer has two PlayStation commercials -- but make sure you say they're very good PlayStation commercials," says Howard Sinker, a former Twins beat writer who now writes A Fan's View, a blog for the Star-Tribune about watching games in Section 219 of Target Field. "The different issue here is Joe is seen as also falling short by the standards that teammates have set, and a previous generation of Twins established. There's definitely a growing impatience here. Gladden was [about] a .250 hitter but he has two World Series rings."

So, apparently, Twins fans are mad that Mauer does PlayStation commercials and isn't more like Dan Gladden.

Justin Bopp notes that there isn't a strong correlation between saves and FIP.

The Rangers were 5th in this week's Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings.