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Monday afternoon trivia

Getty Images for ESPN

With an off-day today, we're going to do some trivia.

I'm going to list ten obscure players that the Rangers traded for in the 21st century.  You tell me who the Rangers gave up to acquire them.  For each of these players, the Rangers gave up just one other player in exchange.

No Googling.  No looking up the answers.  No making a guess, looking up the answer, and then coming back to announce that you looked it up and you were right.  You would think that this would go without saying, but when I don't say it, it becomes a problem.

The ten transactions are after the jump...

UPDATE -- Answers are now also up

1)  Jon Leicester -- acquired for Clint Brannon

2)  Chris Stewart -- acquired for Johnny Lujan

3)  Kevin Gryboski -- acquired for Matt Lorenzo

4)  Dave Martinez -- acquired for Chuck Smith (via a three way deal involving Brant Brown)

5)  John Rocker -- acquired for David Elder

6)  Jesus Pena -- acquired for Luis Vizcaino

7)  Jason Moore -- acquired for Juan Moreno

8)  Scott Shoemaker -- acquired for Daniel Haigwood

9)  Luis Mendoza -- acquired for Bryan Corey

10)  Matt Stairs -- acquired for Joselo Diaz


Answers later this evening...

UPDATE  -- Answers now up.