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Monday Morning Rangers Update

The Rangers have won 11 straight games. That's tied for the second most games the Rangers have ever won consecutively. That's all sorts of amazing. For those of younamely mecalling for the Rangers to show some consistency after the past few sluggish months, well, here you go. Apparently this is what it's like when the Rangers play well consistently.

T.R. Sullivan has a recap of yesterday's 3-1 sweep-clinching win over the Seattle Mariners.

Jeff Wilson also has a game story up with lots of quotes from happy Texas Rangers.

Richard Durrett has his reactions to the third straight Rangers sweep. Every note from Durrett about this game/series/streak is fun. Perhaps the best one is this one:

Texas pitchers have given up two runs in the last five games. Two. That's easily a club record for a five-game span. The previous best was four runs allowed in five games early in the 1981 season when the Rangers had a club-record four straight shutouts.

I know the Rangers have beaten the Orioles, A's and now Mariners on this winning streak, so dudes in button-down shirts might say we should probably lower our enjoyment and expectations, but that's an impressive factoid regardless.

Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about Matt Harrison and the Rangers continuing the most impressive pitching stretch in team history.

Durrett follows up on Harrison's successful outing and writes about Harrison continuing to mature mentally as a pitcher.

Wilson provides an update on Ian Kinsler after Kinsler was hit in the ear hole yesterday in the 7th inning by Blake Beavan. 

While, in Sullivan's notebook, Sullivan writes about the career best plate discipline by Kinsler so far this season. Sullivan also touches on a relationship built on mutual respect by Michael Young and a rival Anaheim Angel, a look at Mitch Moreland's recent struggles, and various tidbits.

Wilson has his own notes and also writes about Mitch Moreland. Apparently Mitch Moreland has a cursed beard. 

Grant writes about Elvis Andrus using the All-Star Break to come back rested and ready for the second half of this season and how that is a difference between last season that is already noticeable.

However, Durrett has a good piece on how, otherwise, the 2011 season is beginning to look a whole lot like 2010.

Finally, Ryan Jones updates us on the Rangers Top 10 prospects and how they did this past week. Good lord, that Top 10.