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Monday afternoon linkaliciousnses

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No game tonight, but some things to check out...

In the wake of the Bruce Feldman kerfluffle, Rob Neyer writes about the time he was suspended by ESPN.

Over at Beyond the Box Score, Satchel Price writes about Ian Kinsler developing into an elite player.

Adam Dunn is on a record-setting pace for awfulness this season.

Chris Jaffe has "Ten Things I Didn't Know about Bert Blyleven," the former Ranger pitcher who was just elected to the Hall.

Anthony Andro writes (at his new digs at FSSW) about the Rangers' current streak and how this season compares to 2010.

Grady Sizemore is going on the disabled list for the third time this season.

FanGraphs finishes their top 50 trade value series with #s 1 thru 10.  The highest-ranking Ranger is Ian Kinsler, at #30.  Ubaldo Jimenez, top of trade talk lately, is at #25, just behind Stephen Strasburg, and just ahead of Jaime Garcia.

David Schoenfield talks about a potential Rangers/Giants World Series rematch.

Tim Brown has a storyon Brooks Conrad's awful night in the playoffs last season.