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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

The big news of the day yesterday came from the reports that Nolan Ryan had been hospitalized after experiencing chest discomfort on Sunday morning.

T.R. Sullivan reports that tests came back negative and indicated no new developments to a previous heart condition Ryan experienced over a decade ago. Ryan will now rest for a couple of days before being released from the hospital. Hopefully that's the end of that. 

As for the team, as Jeff Wilson writes, the Rangers and Angels have whittled down the competition in the AL West and now they will face off over the next eight weeks to determine the last team standing.

Sullivan echoes those sentiments and previews the upcoming series against the Angels by quoting Ron Washington as saying he doesn't think this is necessarily a big series but he'd like for the Rangers to play well. Washington could live with the streak coming to an end if it means the Rangers take the series.

Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about how the Rangers offense gives them an advantage over the Angels.

Jon Daniels appeared on the radio yesterday and the DMN was kind enough to transcribe his answers. Daniels talks about the winning streak, the Angels, and the trade landscape heading into the trade deadline among other things.

ESPN Dallas' Bryan Dolgin had Kevin Goldstein on the Rangers Magazine show. You can listen to the segment from the link on that page. By doing so, you might experience farm system love convulsions in your happy area.

Grant, behind the DMN paywall, writes about Ian Kinsler's journey to second best hitter on the 2011 Texas Rangers.

Richard Durrett writes about Tommy Hunter adjusting to his new life as a relief pitcher.

Grant has a couple of notes on the Rangers before their series in Anaheim including one on former Angel Mike Napoli having the American League's lowest catcher's ERA.'s Louie Horvath has a piece on pitching prospect Joe Wieland and his impressive first few weeks since his promotion to Double-A Frisco.

T.R. Sullivan's mailbag is back. Actually, it's called "Inbox:." I miss the days when columnists responded to correspondence from readers and the piece was called the "Mailbag" because the reader actually had to send the columnist a physical, hand-written letter. See, sending a letter takes several levels of effort. There's prying yourself away from that episode of Rescue 911 to make that arduous journey to the desk with the stationery on it because you can't mail your outrageous trade suggestion on a Burger King Whopper wrapper now can you? No, not even if you eat that bit of cheese off the side that got stuck to it. There's the painstaking search for a pen or pencil. There's the hours and hours of trying to remember how to spell "benefits" in "I'm sure you can agree that this trade benefits both teams" and still getting it wrong. There's that inner-monologue of, "What? Are you kidding me? I need a stamp?" Yes, you need a stamp. Also, you're going to need an address to send your insanity to. Deal with that reality for a moment.

Sending an email to someone's inbox takes much less effort. I think that explains a lot about the Inbox:.

Finally, the DMN has a photo gallery from the Rangers best wins in 2011 so far.