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Josh Hamilton is not the A.L. MVP, no matter what Buster Olney says

Buster Olney just re-tweeted this on Twitter:


Andrew Yahn
by Buster_ESPN
The Rangers are now 40-19 with Josh Hamilton is in the line up. Can you say back to back


No.  No, no, no, no, no.  Just, no.

Josh Hamilton is not the A.L. MVP this year.  Josh Hamilton is not even close to being the A.L. MVP this year.

Nevermind WAR or VORP or all that.  Let's just look at some raw, traditional stats:

Jose Bautista .332 .467 .690 1157 31 66
Adrian Gonzalez .343 .405 .563 968 17 78
Josh Hamilton .303 .354 .552 906 13 54
Dustin Pedroia .293 .398 .462 862 13 50
Curtis Granderson .272 .367 .572 939 26 70
Miguel Cabrera .311 .428 .557 985 20 63
Jacoby Ellsbury .316 .375 .509 884 15 54
Kevin Youkilis .281 .397 .494 891 13 68
Carlos Quentin .261 .356 .512 868 19 57
David Ortiz .294 .381 .557 938 19 58

This, of course, doesn't take into account the fact that Hamilton is hitting in one of the best home parks for hitters in baseball.

Still, looking at this list, the thing that jumps out at you is that no one has a legitimate MVP case in the A.L. other than Jose Bautista.

Secondly, though...Josh Hamilton isn't hitting any better than a bunch of other guys in the A.L.  Other guys who haven't missed 40% of their team's games this year.

Now, if you do want to get all stat-heady, if you do want to look at fWAR, Josh Hamilton is at 2.0 for the season, which places him 41st among position players in the majors, tied with Brendan Ryan, Nick Swisher, Neil Walker, J.J. Hardy, Mark Trumbo, and Placido Polanco.

If you want to look at VORP, Hamilton is at 20.4 on the year, 53rd among A.L. position players.

Hamilton has had a very good season when on the field.  He's missed a bunch of time, though, and even if you extrapolate his numbers out to assume he's not missed time, he's not close to being the best player in the American League this year.