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A question for the proponents of Texas trading for Hunter Pence

Quite a few Rangers fans have advocated trading for the Astros' Hunter Pence.  Pence is supposedly available, but the Astros are going to want a lot for him...the cost is most likely going to be higher than the price for Carlos Beltran, Mike Adams, or Heath Bell, among others out there.  This is in part due to him having a breakout year this year, and in part because he's under team control through 2013 (although he'll cost about $10 million in 2012 and probably $12-15 million in 2013 via arbitration).

The question I have, for those who want Pence, is what do you see his role here being going forward?  Do you trade for him with the idea being that you trade Nelson Cruz or Josh Hamilton this offseason?  Do you go with a Cruz/Hamilton/Pence outfield in 2012, hope Hamilton can stay healthy playing centerfield all year, and then let Hamilton walk after that?  Do you look to move Pence after this season?

I just struggle to see how Pence is a good fit going forward, particularly given how costly he would be to obtain.