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58-44 - Rangers prove it is impossible to win a zero run scored game

A circle of gentlemen are enjoying a laugh at a table with cards and cigars...

Dontrelle Willis deals a hand and exclaims, "I'm back in this. I'm in for $20."

Brian Tallet tosses his cards into a pile in the middle of the table. "I'm out." 

Chad Gaudin grimaces and musters a "too rich for my blood."

Brett Tomko glances over at Dontrelle and then his hand and merely says, "I call."

Aaron Laffey hears a knock at the door and gets up, "Hang on guys. NO LOOKING AT MY CARDS!"

Laffey opens the door and it's Brett Cecil. "Hey Cec," Laffey says. "Sorry I'm late guys, can I buy in? What's the ante?" Cecil replies back.