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"Kruk, ya dun goofed."
"Kruk, ya dun goofed."

1. Bleacher Report: (Rangers rank) 1st - THE BEST. We did it!

2. 3rd - Their experts like the Rangers as the 3rd most powerful team but the fans have only voted the Rangers as the 4th best team. Luckily for us, the experts opinion is weighed at 75% of the decision so the Rangers are ranked 3rd and because I am weighing 100% of this decision, that puts at #2.

3. Beyond the Box Score: 4th - I like the Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings because there's an actual method to the madness. Included in the method is their gut. That's a Power Ranking Ron Washington can get behind.

4. Fangraphs: 4th - I also like Fangraphs' Power Rankings because there's some methodology behind it too, but some of that methodology involves readers of Fangraphs.

5. ESPN: 4th - ESPN has the Rangers 4th and features BBTIA and Joey Matches, so that's a plus. However, it also features John Kruk dropping the Rangers to 5th.

6. USA Today: 5th - USA Today barely beats out Fox Sports for the 6th spot here simply by having updated their list more recently. It pays to be hot in the POWER RANKINGS rankings.

7. Fox Sports: 5th - They did well by noticing the correlation between the solid run Ian Kinsler has been on and the Rangers recent hot streak.

8. CBS Sports: 4th - Why is CBS lower in these rankings than two Rankings ranking the Rangers lower? Because CBS Sports' Larry Dobrow wrote this, "Maybe it's time to start a dippy online protest/campaign to get Leonys Martin onto the active roster. He'd be mighty fun as a late-game replacement on the bases or in the outfield, no?" and they did not.

9. SB Nation: 11th - Grant Brisbee ranks the Rangers 11th?! How dare he!? BEHIND the A's?! THE RANGERS have a better record than the A's!! Now that's some good, old school Power Rankings rage.

10. Yahoo! Sports: 6th - "Chavez usually sits against lefties, though soothing for Washington to know the Endy's near." Come on, Tim Brown. Put those pithy comments away. We don't want anyone to get hurt here.