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Monday Morning Rangers Update

"Angel is just bad..." - Ron Washington July 3, 2011
"Angel is just bad..." - Ron Washington July 3, 2011

I don't even want to write about that game last night. The Rangers are now tied for first place in the AL West. I don't want to write about that, either.

T.R. Sullivan did want to write about the game, however, because it's his job. Here's his game recap.

Richard Durrett has his notes and reactions from the game up at ESPN Dallas. This is my favorite note:

The ejection left 72-year-old Jackie Moore as the manager, meaning the combined ages of the managers in the game at that point went up to 152.

Anthony Andro has a few notes himself from after the game. Apparently the Rangers have lost the finale of seven straight series. That's weird and annoying.

Gerry Fraley writes about Ron Washington and Gary Pettis getting ejected by first base umpire Angel Hernandez in the 7th inning of last night's game. He quotes Ron Washington as saying:

"Angel is just bad," Washington said. "That's all there is to it."

Let us never forget where we were the day Ron Washington openly criticized an umpire while taking a shot at their competence.

ESPN Dallas' Travis L. Brown chronicles C.J. Wilson's roller coaster ride of a day.

Sullivan writes in his notebook about the Rangers keeping Alexi Ogando on schedule, Brandon Webb going in for an MRI in what is currently being classified as an "unfortunate setback", and various other things.

Andro has some notes of his own and they include the Rangers sticking with Derek Holland after his horrible start on Saturday and Josh Hamilton saying he'll consider participating in the Home Run Derby if asked.

From the DMN: Mike Napoli should be back with the team as soon as tonight.

Also from the DMN, Ryan Jones keeps us abreast to the week that was of the Rangers' Top Ten Prospects.

Now, onto the All-Star Game selection coverage:

Louie Horvath writes about Josh Hamilton starting his fourth straight All-Star Game for the Rangers. He also has more quotes about Hamilton possibly joining the AL Home Run Derby team.

Jeff Wilson writes about the American League team and the Rangers' selections. He calls C.J.'s selection a "surprise." Personally, I thought it was looking like C.J. was going to get a selection once Ogando hit that rough patch.

Gil Lebreton writes about C.J.'s selection being a surprise to people in New York who thought CC Sabathia should have gotten the nod. As Lebreton correctly points out, if it were so important to New York that CC to be an All-Star, then the Yankees should have won the 2010 ALCS and insured it.

Behind the paywall over at the DMN, Fraley writes that C.J. deserved the selection over CC regardless of which manager made the pick.

Finally, Durrett writes that Ron Washington will try to win the All-Star Game.