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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

'Cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away
'Cause the flag still stands for freedom, and they can’t take that away

The Rangers celebrated their freedom by bludgeoning the Orioles to the tune of a 13-4 win. The American way. 

Louie Horvath recaps the game for The Rangers busted out the bats in a big way while also getting a solidyet still home run pronestart from Colby Lewis while playing error free baseball on defense. It was an all-around very good baseball game from the Texas Rangers.

ESPN Dallas' Travis L. Brown has notes and reactions from the game. Among other things, he notes the big games from David Murphy, Endy Chavez, and practically every other guy we rag on around here. I mean, even Arthur Rhodes pitched a scoreless inning.

LSB Favorite Michael Young nearly hit for the cycle, as he had a single, double, and triple by the fourth inning but wasn't given a second chance to hit a home run in the 8th when Ron Washington forgot what a cycle was and pinch hit for him. Actually, Wash just plum forgot, as Brown quotes:

"Well I screwed that one up," Washington said. "My card had two doubles. I thought he had the triple last night."

Horvath's notebook has updates from Ron Washington about his conviction that Angel Hernandez is bad at his job while also being annoyed with the Rangers defense.

Regardless of that, the Rangers players themselves tell Anthony Andro that they are confident in their ability to play defensive.

Jeff Wilson has notes up in which he mentions that Alexi Ogando will be getting 12 days to rest after his start on Wednesday night. The Rangers will use the All-Star break to set up the rotation to allow them to shut down Ogando and limit his innings.

Brown writes about David Murphy and says he is gaining confidence at the plate. I don't know if that will translate to positive results but he probably can't play any worse than he has so far this season.

Finally, because it is behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes an article explaining the most important thing that happened during the win last night, and I have no idea what it is.