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Rangers have announced fan who fell from stands has died

Per multiple reports, the Rangers have announced that the fan who fell out of the stands at tonight's game at the Ranger Ballpark in Arlington has died.

The incident occurred after Josh Hamilton threw a ball up into the left field stands in the second inning after a foul ball to left.  A fan reached out and caught the ball, but in doing so, fell over the railing and in the gap between the left field scoreboard and the left field stands.  It is estimated he fell 15-20 feet to the ground.

The announcement was made after the game, and both clubhouses are closed.

This incident comes one year and one day after an incident in which a fan fell from the club level at the Ballpark while reaching for a foul ball.  The game was delayed for fifteen minutes, and although that incident looked very scary, that fan survived the fall.

When more details become available, this will be updated.

UPDATE -- Transcript from Nolan Ryan's press conference after the game.

UPDATE II -- The Brownwood City Manager has reportedly confirmed that the deceased was Shannon Stone, a firefighter from Brownwood, Texas.