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The Rangers pitching staff is pretty good right now

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Oakland...u mad?
Oakland...u mad?

I was perusing the Rangers' team stats over at Baseball-Reference, and in looking at the performance of the pitchers, I was struck at how strong the current 12 man pitching staff is.

Here's a breakdown of each pitcher and their current ERA:*

Pitcher ERA
Wilson 3.28
Lewis 4.01
Holland 4.30
Harrison 3.19
Ogando 3.22
Feliz 3.33
Adams 1.12
Uehara 1.90
Oliver 2.03
Lowe 3.31
Tateyama 2.62
Feldman 2.45

*  The ERA for Uehara and Adams includes their work with their previous team.

Look at that.  That is remarkable.  The worst ERA on the staff is 4.30.  The worst ERA in the bullpen is 3.33.  I didn't list ERA+ in the chart above, but Derek Holland's 4.30 ERA translates to an ERA+ of 101...that means that every pitcher on the staff is above average, in terms of ERA, relative to the league and taking into account park effects.

I don't think the Rangers have had a staff this solid, top to bottom, since the 70s.  The Rangers don't have the dominant ace at the top of the rotation, like they did last year with Cliff Lee, but overall, this is a truly impressive pitching staff.