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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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In the excitement of the trade deadline, this photo wasn't used for a post
In the excitement of the trade deadline, this photo wasn't used for a post

The Rangers were off yesterday but there was still a lot written about the Rangers thanks to the trade deadline activity.

T.R. Sullivan takes a look at some other issues facing the Rangers now that they have addressed their bullpen situation.

In yet more "Deadline Winners and Losers" articles, the Rangers continued to come away from the proceedings looking great:

Among other notes, Evan Grant takes a look at who could be the odd man out of the bullpen now that the Rangers need to make room for Adams. He speculates that the Rangers could option Yoshinori Tateyama or Mark Lowe, or send Arthur Rhodes to the disabled list.

Durrett also has notes on the Rangers and mentions how you can meet a whole bunch of Rangers alumni, including David Hulse, in conjunction with Kenny Rogers being inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

Mac Engel writes a commentary on how, now that the bullpen is stronger, the Rangers need one of their starters to be "The Hammer."

Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about Mike Napoli finding a home in the fun Rangers' clubhouse.

Since it kind of feels like it has been a long time since the Rangers played, he's a preview of today's opener versus the Tigers by's Joey Nowak.

Finally, before the trade was made for Adams, Bill Chuck of Baseball Analytics sent me a link to his take on the Uehara trade. Now that the dust has cleared a little, I wanted to share it. Chuck takes a look at Uehara by using heat maps to examine Uehara's success this season. It's a interesting read, and one that Chuck concludes by saying the trade for Uehara should be a good one for the Rangers. Take a look.