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Saturday morning Rangers stuff

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The first few innings yesterday, it looked like the Rangers had traveled all night, were worn out, and were flat after a big series against a division rival.  I was ready to turn the game off, writing it off as "one of those games" and hoping the team could bounce back today.

I'm glad I didn't.  That was a remarkable turnaround, and a huge game by Mitch Moreland, who has shaken out of his mid-season funk and now hitting .327/.424/.509 in the month of August.

Drew Davison's game story says that Moreland's fourth inning homer woke the team up, and spurred the Rangers to victory.

The game story at the Rangers website has Ron Washington saying that the Rangers were tired yesterday, but that's not something that can be used as an excuse.

Behind the paywall at the DMN, Evan Grant writes that Elvis Presley would have been proud of the Rangers' win yesterday.

The Rangers are watching Alexi Ogando's innings, with Ron Washington saying they'll pull him early or skip one of his starts when necessary.

The S-T's notes have stuff on Adrian Beltre's hamstring, Mike Napoli's hot streak, and Mitch Moreland's back.