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Sunday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Drew Davison's game story focuses on Koji Uehara, who says that he wishes he'd thrown a splitter to Alexis Rios, rather than the fastball that Rios hit for the game winning double.

The game story on the Rangers' website notes that, other than the two Ian Kinsler home runs, the Rangers didn't have a single batter reach third base in yesterday's game.  That makes it hard to win...

Behind the paywall at the DMN, Evan Grant writes that the new bullpen arms have kept the Rangers from a perfect road trip.

The S-T's notes cover a variety of issues, including Thad Levine being a potential candidate for the g.m. job that just opened up in Chicago, and the status of Adrian Beltre and Andres Blanco.

The Rangers' website notes discuss Elvis Andrus and Yorvit Torrealba getting a day off, Yoshinori Tateyama's performance, and Mike Adams' thoughts on his role.

Davison has a story on Mark Hamburger, who is getting a chance to start for AAA Round Rock after spending his career in a relief role.