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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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"Don't you know who I am?"
"Don't you know who I am?"

That was a pretty disappointing way to end a solid road trip by the Rangers yesterday. Nevertheless, the beat goes on and now the Rangers are back at home for a pretty important stretch of games against the Red Sox, Angels and Rays.

Drew Davison's writes his game story about the Rangers 10-0 road trip-ending loss to the White Sox. Even though that was one of the worst games by score the Rangers have played in years, Ron Washington doesn't feel like the Rangers have hit a wall.

ESPN Dallas has its reactions to the game. Those reactions are probably pretty similar to what your reactions to that game were. Namely, yuck.

Davison has a few post game notes. Hey, here's a good thing that Davison notes: "Mike Napoli extended his road hitting streak to 22 games."

Evan Grants has a piece behind the DMN paywall about the Rangers upcoming homestand on the tails of a successful, but long road trip.

Davison has some notes up about Ian Kinsler reaching 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases this season, Scott Feldman's 'pen saving outing yesterday, and a look at folks the Rangers have lined up to throw the first pitch on this homestand.

On the heals of reports of Tateyama Yoshinori making adjustments since the All-Star break, Paul Casella writes about Koji Uehara looking to make adjustments of his own. Also, Casella gives us an update on Adrian Beltre and Andres Blanco's injury status.

And bringing it all together, Evan Grant writes that the Rangers have made an effort to make sure their Japanese pitchers are comfortable shaking off their catchers.

Grant also writes an update on the Rangers monitoring their young starters' innings pitched. If this were a national piece, it would be about how these Nolan Ryan schooled pitchers are expected to go 300 innings apiece due to the mandated elimination of wimpy pitch counts.

Anthony Andro writes about Thad Levine being flattered by the buzz that Chicago might look at him to replace their GM vacancy but feels he's got an important season to focus on in Texas. Thad saying the right things warms my heart every time. Even though you will someday, please never leave, Thad.

Finally, Ryan Jones takes a look at the Rangers' Top Ten prospects. Look out, No. 1-5. Mike Olt is back.