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Rangers poll -- 2012 Centerfielder

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I have been kicking around doing a post for a while about the fact that there is, essentially, just one question mark on this team among positional players for 2012, and that is center field.

That said, I haven't come up with much of substance to say about the situation, other than, no one is really jumping out as a prime candidate to be the starting centerfielder next year.

Leonys Martin hasn't hit much in AAA (although he's done better his past few games). Julio Borbon has had a couple of shots, not done much with them, is now hurt, and doesn't seem to be in the organization's plans. Endy Chavez is a free agent after the season and is, well, Endy Chavez. Craig Gentry is a fifth outfielder you can live with as part of a platoon.

So, given all that, and given that I don't have much else to add, I will ask the question...who do you think will be the Rangers' starting centerfielder in 2012? I'm not asking who it should be, or who you want it to be, but when the season opens, who do you think will start the season as the "regular" centerfielder?