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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Big win for the Rangers after looking a little sluggish in the final games of the road trip. C.J. Wilson pitched well for 6 2/3 innings while Erik Bedard pitched decently for 6 1/2 hours.

T.R. Sullivan's game story is about the Rangers' ace Wilson. There are lots of quotes from various Red Sox that I will mentally pretend suggest perhaps a tinge of dread at the thought facing C.J. down the road when the climate is a bit cooler and the stakes are a lot higher.

Richard Durrett offers some post game reactions. I actually expected Bedard's painfully obvious game plan of stalling against the Rangers would have been a bigger story but Durrett is the only person to really mention it.

Nevertheless, Bedard was only delaying the inevitable. As Durrett writes, Mike Napoli came through with the big hit of the evening. That is something that can be said for a lot of games this season. Napoli has been great.

Durrett has a piece on C.J. coming up big against the best since he's been a starter.

Sullivan and Louie Horvath jointly note that the Jered Weaver contract extension could set the bar for C.J. Wilson's next contract, the Rangers checking in with the Orioles after Chris Davis claimed he felt his shoulder hurting him while still with the Rangers, and updates on Adrian Beltre and Andres Blanco as per usual.

On Beltre, Durrett writes, after running at 75% and being examined by the team doctor, Beltre has been cleared to continue running.

I'd assume at this point that Beltre will get in a couple of games at the end of the Triple-A season and be back with the Rangers near the first week of September if, Nolan Ryan forbid, there are no further setbacks.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers don't anticipate making any trades at the waiver deadline and that any additions to the team will likely come from call-ups after the rosters expand.

Anthony Andro explains to the rest of the American League that the Rangers are still league champs and if they want the pennant they'll have to come to Arlington to get it.

Matthew Reagan writes about Colby Lewis returning to form of late just in time for the stretch run.'s Louie Horvath talked with the Rangers grounds crew about the challenges of keeping the field playable for a hot team in the middle of an unrelenting Texas summer.

Finally, David Thomas writes more about The Wave Wars at the Ballpark. Can't get enough of these wave articles, let me tell you. However, this is gold:

"One guy thought we were infringing on his constitutional rights for freedom of expression," said Chuck Morgan, the Rangers' senior vice president for in-park entertainment.

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