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Darren O'Day on his way back to Texas?

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In the middle of the night last night, Darren O'Day sent out a couple of interesting tweets:


Darren O'Day



Darren O'Day
And im gonna smoke every last one of them in fantasy football. Now back to Arlington! there a roster move imminent?

There's no obvious candidate to be sent down to make room for O'Day on the 25 man roster.  Mark Lowe could, conceivably, be optioned, I guess, if there were concerns about his outing last night or whether something is wrong with him.

If you wanted to get real creative, the Rangers could put Scott Feldman on outright waivers again, and get him to agree that he'd be outrighted today, and then recalled on September 1 when rosters expand (the 10 day waiting period to recall a player only is applicable if a player is optioned, not if he is outrighted).

I don't know...we shall find out soon, though, I imagine...