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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Coming into this series against the Angels I had the notion that we would more than likely see one of the teams gaining a game in the standings. A sweep for either team just seemed improbable. But with various factions rushing to paint the narrative as the impending final blow to complete the Angels taking of the AL West, after Trumbo's Galvanizing Game-Winner "brought the Angels back from the dead" on the 18th, something about the Rangers gaining that game proved sports-satisfying in a way I was not expecting given my calculated approach to the weekend.

The fact that the Rangers pulled out the series winner against the biggest of the Angels' Big Three, Jered "Arid?" Weaver, while not blinking in the face of Angel desperation that arranged a weekend against that three-headed monster, made things a little more sweet on a night that did pennant race baseball justice.

T.R. Sullivan's game story is fun. You should read it.

Richard Durrett's post game recap has all kind of series-winning nuggets for you to enjoy. A note therein; boy how big was Josh Hamilton?

J-J T responds: Josh Hamilton was very big.

Behind the DMN paywall Kevin Sherrington writes that the Rangers need Josh Hamilton to be great.

A reason the Rangers might need Josh Hamilton to be great is Nelson Cruz came out of the game last night after hurting his hamstring running out a double. Drew Davison updates the injury and quotes Cruz as saying: "I thought it was really bad," Cruz said. "But after I got treatment, it was definitely more normal. Hopefully, it's something that will take only a few days." Fingers crossed. Wood knocked. 

Durrett takes a look at the four pitches in the bottom of the 7th inning that keyed the Rangers comeback.

ESPN Dallas' Brittany Levine writes about Colby Lewis' night and how he was grinding out innings while trying to keep the Rangers in the game until the offense finally broke through against an equally struggling Weaver.

Durrett as a piece on DAT Mike Adams pitching for the first time against the Angels since allowing the Trumbo walk-off. That very well could have been the best outing for Mike Adams as a Ranger so far. His cutter (Yes, it's a cutter, Bobby V) looked like the unhittable pitch we were advertised.

Koji Uehara, the Rangers other big trade deadline bullpen acquisition, is frustrated by his lack of production so far, writes Anthony Andro.

Evan Grant writes behind the DMN paywall about the Rangers surviving this draining 17 game break-less stretch with the lead in the West.

Kicking and screaming, Adrian Beltre begins his rehab assignment with buddy Andres Blanco in tow writes Sullivan in his Rangers notes.

Jeff Wilson takes a look at what the Rangers might do when the rosters expand on Sept. 1st in his notes. He also mentions the Rangers feeling good about having a day off.

Finally, in a theory as quenching as a cool sip over parched lips, Gil LeBreton ponders if the heat in Texas might have actually helped the Rangers this time.