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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Well, that was something else last night.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the early struggles of Derek Holland and Elvis Andrus 

At the Rangers' website, Louie Horvath writes that there were too many players with big games to name just one hero of the game.

Richard Durrett writes that the Rangers' power/speed combo allowed them to come back last night.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant writes that the bullpen gave the Ranger offense a chance to come back.

Nolan Ryan says he's happy with where the Rangers are right now.

Joey Matches writes about the inconsistency of Derek Holland, and how unappreciated Elvis Andrus seems to be by some Rangers fans.

Anthony Andro writes that, despite yesterday's awful start, Holland has been impressive this season.

Alexi Ogando is going on paternity leave today, which allows the Rangers to bring up Darren O'Day for the weekend.  Ogando is expected to miss Saturday through Monday, but will be back for his start on Tuesday, so although he's being de-activated, he won't actually miss a scheduled outing.

The S-T's notes include quotes from Adrian Beltre, who wants to be activated from the disabled list on Sunday without having to go on a rehab assignment, along with items on Craig Gentry's rehab assignment and Yorvit Torrealba DHing.

The notes on the Rangers' websiteincludes stuff on Beltre, Kenny Rogers being honored, and Michael Young, among other things.

Brent Shirley in the S-T has a story on Kenny Rogers' history with the Rangers, with Rogers being inducted in the Rangers Hall of Fame today.