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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Congrats, Face. Only 2,257 to go!
Congrats, Face. Only 2,257 to go!

Well, if nothing else, you can't say that the Rangers offense has been giving up on games of late. Since the game after the trade deadline, on August 2nd, nearly every contest has come down to some sort of late-inning madness. Last night's game might have been the craziest of the all considering the job Josh Tomlin was doing until the fateful 8th inning. 

Jeff Wilson's game story calls the Rangers' unlikely win the icing on Michael Young's 2,000 hit cake. 

The gang over at ESPN Dallas has their reactions to the game including the note that the Rangers scored 13 of their 17 runs in the series from the 7th inning on. 

Drew Davison has some post game notes including one on the Vlad Guerrero-against-the-Rangers-esque run Elvis Andrus has had against the Cleveland Indians.

Master Tesfatsion returns to write about Mike Adams' first American League save as the Adams-for-closer hornet's nest begins to stir.

And yet, as T.R. Sullivan writes, Neftali Feliz is still the Rangers' closer. For now.

Davison's Rangers notes cover the Feliz situation, Ron Washington's summary of the AL West, and Yorvit Torrealba's hot August.

Anthony Andro also notes the emergence of Torrealba's hot bat and what Washington thinks the chances are for Michael Young to reach 3,000 hits.

Sullivan's notes cover the return (for a likely limited engagement) of Darren O'Day, the return of Craig Gentry today, and the return of 2008 level stolen base success rate for Ian Kinsler.

Wilson writes about Elvis Andrus' regression, in terms of errors, defensively this season. Elvis says: "Believe me, sometimes I'm like, 'How can I make that play and not this easy one?'"

On the Michael Young career hit No. 2,000 front: