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Alexi Ogando returns, Andres Blanco to the disabled list

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Ron Washington said yesterday that a position player would be removed from the active roster to make room for Alexi Ogando's return from paternity leave today.  Most of us thought either Taylor Teagarden or Omar Quintanilla would be dropped.

Instead, Andres Blanco has been sent back to the disabled list with lower back inflammation to make room for Ogando.

A surprising move, although one has to wonder how much of this is a desire to keep both Mike Napoli and Yorvit Torrealba in the lineup at the same time (which Teagarden's presence allows) while not risking the loss of Quintanilla, who would have to clear waivers and accept an outright assignment, were he dropped from the 25 man roster.

It wouldn't shock me if Blanco ended up on a rehab assignment in a week or two, and wasn't activated until September 1, when rosters expand.

Craig Gentry, meanwhile, is expected to be activated tomorrow, and a pitcher -- probably Darren O'Day -- removed from the roster to make room for him.