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This Day in This Day in LSB History

Even this is meta
Even this is meta

Two years ago, on this day in LSB History, Adam wrote a This Day in LSB History. In it, he chronicled what we talked about four years ago at the time but now six years ago today. We were complaining about Tom Hicks, wouldn't you know it.

If that's too recursive for you, five years ago today (when FanPosts were called "diaries"), Adam posed the question: Is it time to blow it up? My, what gold.

Things to look for:

  • Debates on the Rangers ability to survive losing Mark Teixeira. (Though, ponder with me; did the Rangers ever really have Mark Teixeira?) Or what kind of package the Rangers could get for him if he were traded.
  • Cries to dump the young GM because the Rangers had no hope of being like the Marlins and would end up like the Royals.
  • Hicks freakouts.
  • Cahill being a wizard.
  • Miles calling for Girardi but not by name.
  • Dirk christening Hank Blalock with the nickname Hangover McStrikeout.
  • Sharky predicting an "incident" would be manufactured to sour Rangers fans on Michael Young while then melting down in the thread old school style. 

It has everything.