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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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The magic number is four, and the lead is five.  Baseball Prospectus says the Rangers have a 99.5% chance of winning the division.  Cool Standings puts the number at 98.5%.

Jeff Wilson's game story talks about the run support Derek Holland got last night, and has gotten all season from the Ranger offense.

T.R. Sullivan says in his game story that the Rangers are close to making the series in Anaheim at the end of the season meaningless.

Richard Durrett has his reactions to last night's game at the ESPN Dallas blog.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant writes that Derek Holland is the posterboy for the Rangers homegrown pitchers.

Wilson's notes talk about Nelson Cruz at DH, and how Cruz DHing is why Mitch Moreland is on the bench, not Moreland's own struggles.

Sullivan's notes talk about the Ranger offense, the Cruz and Moreland situation, Moneyball, and the Rangers' pitching approaching records.

Wilson writes that the Rangers are focused right now on winning the West.