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Ken Rosenthal on Moneyball

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Over at Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal has one of the best pieces I've read on the Moneyball phenomenon, and how we got to where we are now from where we were when the book came out.

One of the complaints that I've had about the book, in particular, is that Michael Lewis came across (to me) as a victim of the new-convert-syndrome, oversimplifying concepts and making things much more black and white than they actually are.  That may work well for the purpose of drama and tension in a book, or in a movie, but doesn't accurately reflect reality.

Rosenthal, in this piece, takes a step back and looks much more in depth at the issues in the book, de-bunks some myths, and talks about the impact that the statistical revolution has had throughout the game.

Definitely a must read.  Check it out.