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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff

The playoffs kick off this afternoon.  Just in case you forgot.

Jeff Wilson has a story about C.J. Wilson, and his meticulous regimen and schedule he follows to be as prepared as possible for each start.

Anthony Andro breaks down the Rays v. Rangers matchup.

Behind the paywall, Evan Grant looks at five differences between the 2010 ALDS matchup between the Rays and Rangers, and the 2011 matchup.

Gil Lebreton has a column up about six weeks this offseason that went very poorly for Anaheim and very well for the Rangers, which proved to be the difference in this year's A.L. West race.

T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers are determined this year to finish what they started last year.

In the DMN, Jeff Mosier writes about the Rangers' fans heightened expectations, now that Texas has had some playoff success.

Sullivan has a story about the importance of Ron Washington's leadership to this club.

The S-T's notes talk about the Rangers' playoff roster moves and potential lineups.

The Rangers' website notes talk about Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz's hamstrings and the playoff roster issues.

The DMN has five interesting facts about every Rangers player.