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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Pictured: Feldmania drawing a crowd
Pictured: Feldmania drawing a crowd

The Rangers ran into the James Shields is good-Scott Feldman was a spot starter-Joe West buzzsaw as the offense took a holiday yesterday. It definitely won't be a game I remember fondly when I reflect back on the 2011 season.

Drew Davison's game story is about how the Rangers have beat good pitchers all season long but haven't figured out a way to beat James Shields. Luckily, they won't have to try again for many months.

Richard Durrett has his post game reactions. None of them are "* Joe West sucked." but that is because Durrett is a professional.

Durrett also writes about Scott Feldman's start. The title of the piece isn't "More like Failedmania, amirite?" again, because Durrett is a professional.

And so, as Davison notes, Feldman takes his mania back to the bullpen as Ron Washington says resting people is not the way baseball go.

That means Alexi Ogando will return to the rotation, as Gerry Fraley includes in his notes. Ogando is currently scheduled to make his next start on Saturday. We'll be holding on to our butts in the Wedge, surely.

Also, Fraley knew the score:

The Rangers might not want to see crew-chief umpire Joe West again this season. They had four called strikeouts as West had his usual large strike zone. The Rangers are 0-3 this season when West works the plate.

Chris Girandola has some notes up on about Adrian Beltre's playing time, Esteban German adding to the team's versatility and, wouldn't you know it, Joe West.

Fraley writes behind the DMN paywall about how, yet again, the Rangers need C.J. Wilson to come up big in a game after a loss.

Durrett has a piece on the possible playoff rotation. Currently, the only assumption to be made is C.J. would go in any Game 1 of a series unless he is needed in the last series of the season. Everything else is still very much in the air. At least September will be interesting.

But at least the bullpen has weapons. Fraley quotes Ray's manager Joe Maddon as saying well rested Mike Adams is this year's Cliff Lee.

Finally, per Davison, the Rangers want you to care about their fantasy football teams.