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Three Ranger-related birthdays today

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Three Rangers-related birthdays today...

First of all, happy birthday to Ranger first baseman Mitch Moreland, who turns 26 today.  I think everyone here is familiar with Moreland...

Secondly, happy birthday to Al Lachowicz, who turns 51 today.  Lachowicz was the Rangers' first round draft choice out of the University of Pittsburgh in the 1981 draft.  A righthanded pitcher, Lachowicz made his debut in the majors in September, 1983, and posted a 2.25 ERA in 8 innings with the Rangers that season.  Lachowicz dealt with injury problems the next two seasons, however, and was released in the spring of 1986:

``It has become obvious to us that Al is unhappy with his situation with the Rangers,`` said Tom Grieve, vice president and general manager. ``He does not feel that he is being given a fair chance.``

Lachowicz pitched 10.1 innings in the minors in 1986 with the Phillies' organization and three more innings in 1986 for the Mets' AA affiliate, but those 8 innings in 1983 would be the sum of his major league experience.

Third, today would have been the 57th birthday of former Chicago Cub and Baylor University infielder Steve Macko.  The son of longtime Ranger clubhouse manager Joe Macko, Steve passed away on November 15, 1981, from testicular cancer.  His parents created a scholarship fund in his name to honor his memory.