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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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I don't want these dudes to leave
I don't want these dudes to leave

Good Morning.

Anthony Andro writes about the Rangers breaking off contract extension talks with Derek Holland for now. Holland is under team control for the next four seasons but the Rangers were hoping to leverage this final year of Holland not being eligible for arbitration to buy out a year or two of free agency. With the Rangers also shelving extension talks with Mike Napoli, the plan of locking up the team's core players long term hasn't come to fruition as of yet this off season.

Richard Durrett has some quotes from Darren Oliver about the Rangers after officially signing with the Toronto Blue Jays. Oliver seems pretty surprised that he isn't going to be a Ranger.

Durrett updates where the Rangers might pick in the draft now that they will receive a supplemental first round selection for losing Oliver. The order of these picks are subject to change as other players sign, however.

Gerry Fraley was on SportsDay On Air to complain about Josh Hamilton's new Accountability Partner because he thinks someone on the team will want their brother to be a personal masseuse now.'s Lyle Spencer has a piece about the keystone battle between Ian Kinsler and Howie Kendrick in the AL West.

Finally, T.R. Sullivan has a piece on how former Rangers fared on the Hall of Fame ballot. Rafael Palmeiro received 12.6% of the vote and will linger at least another year. Juan Gonzalez drops off the ballot now after failing to reach the required 5%. And, Ruben Sierra didn't receive a single vote. Some day Pudge will go into the Hall as a Ranger.