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Wednesday afternoon linkaliciousness

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You could use some linkaliciousness...

Grant Brisbee uploaded to YouTube video of him catching a foul ball from a game in 2005. MLB found out about it and made him take it down. That prompted this rant from Brisbee about how nonsensical MLB is being in regards to protecting their intellectual property at the expense of marketing their game.

Joe Posnanski has a lengthy column about Hall of Fame voting that talks about, among much else, players who appeared on the ballot and didn't get a vote, players who appeared on the ballot and got only one vote, and what sort of things impact whether a player's vote total will go up or go down over the years.

BTB examines an odd phenomenon -- that power hitters are less "clutch" than hitters without power.

In the aftermath of Ryan Madson signing a one year, $8.5 million deal with Cincinnati, Scott Boras says that Madson and the Phillies had an agreement on a 4 year, $44 million deal that the Phillies then backed out of, and Amaro says that there was never an agreement.