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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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FanFest is this weekend, and T.R. Sullivan has a story at the Rangers' website about the festivities that are scheduled.

Gerry Fraley has a blog post up about the Rangers' interest in Brad Hawpe and Joel Zumaya, both of whom are coming off of surgery.

Richard Durrett writes that Mike Napoli still can't run on the ankle that he sprained in the World Series, but he expects to be ready for spring training.

Randy Galloway has a column on the Rangers increasing ticket prices, noting that the increases are mainly on the high-priced seats, and that the organization has earned a level of trust from the fans that allows them to raise prices.

Jeff Wilson's notes talk about Mike Napoli's recovery from his sprained ankle, Ron Washington's thoughts on Yu Darvish, and Colby Lewis saying the Darvish situation has put a hold on his contract extension talks with the organization.

Anthony Andro has some notes that include info on the minor league staffs and includes quotes from Washington on Darvish.