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Nightengale: Rangers meeting with Fielder today

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Per Bob Nightengale on Twitter, the Rangers are meeting with Prince Fielder "at a Dallas-area hotel" today.

This is pretty reaction to this news was the same as Adrian Beltre's after a certain home run last season.

Fielder, of course, is an elite-level first baseman who, as a lefty power hitter, would be a great fit for Texas, as his swing is viewed as tailor-made for TBIA, and the Rangers have something of a hole at first base. That said, Fielder's agent, Scott Boras, has reportedly been looking for a 200 million dollar deal, and the market for Fielder simply hasn't developed.

Of late, I've been wondering if Fielder might look at a one year deal and re-enter the market next offseason, when the Dodgers would (with new ownership) be a natural landing spot for Fielder, or potential the Mets (assuming the Wilpons sell by then) or the Cubs.

If so, Texas - with a hitters park, a strong lineup, and a playoff caliber team - would be a good spot for Fielder to go on a short-term deal.

It is unknown whether this is the case, if the Rangers are looking at Fielder long-term, or if this is just tire-kicking, but calling this intriguing is an understatement.