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Sunday a.m. Rangers things

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Jeff Wilson has a story on Josh Hamilton and the Rangers' pursuit of Prince Fielder, questioning whether the Rangers can afford to sign Fielder and keep Hamilton. In his story, he writes that Hamilton is seeking "length" in his contract, and implies that the seven year deals Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford signed last offseason are the benchmarks for Hamilton. My sense has been that Hamilton is looking for a deal like the 7 year, $126 million deal Werth signed with the Nationals, and if that's the case, Hamilton isn't staying with the Rangers.

And for those who cling to the hope that Hamilton will sign a deal with the Rangers at a discount, this:

Werth was 31 when he signed his deal. That's how old Hamilton will be next off-season when he hopes to sign a contract that will allow him to help the less fortunate and also take care of players who will come after him by signing at market value.

"There's a lot of responsibility that comes with signing the right contract," he said.

If Josh is talking about responsibility to "take care of players" who will be signing deals in the future, he ain't taking a discount.

Evan Grant writes that Hamilton's deadline for signing an extension is the start of spring training -- if a deal isn't done by then, he's going to table talks until after the season, when he's a free agent.

Anthony Andro has a piece on Hamilton, with Hamilton saying his focus is on this season, and talking about the role his father-in-law will have as his "accountability partner."

Ian Kinsler had a Platelet Rich Plasma injection in his ankle a week after the season ended, with the result being that he says he feels 100% for the first time since he rolled his ankle in the spring of 2010. Kinsler also says that he's talked long-term deal with the Rangers, but the team has been pre-occupied with resolving the Yu Darvish situation, and the ball is in their court as far as a contract goes.

Jeff Passan writes that the main sticking point in the negotiations between the Rangers and Darvish is the length of the deal, with Darvish wanting a five year contract and the Rangers offering six years. Passan says the likelihood of a deal not getting done at this point is "minimal."

Mike Adams says he's disappointed he won't get the opportunity to close for Texas, and is disappointed that he didn't pitch better after coming over from San Diego last season, but is looking forward to proving himself in 2012.

Jeff Wilson has notes on Kinsler, Mitch Moreland swinging a bat Monday for the first time since his November surgery, and Mike Adams returning from hernia surgery.