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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Yu wouldn't say no to this guy, right?
Yu wouldn't say no to this guy, right?

It's Yu Darvish deadline week, everyone!

The DMN has a piece on Ron Washington saying he intends for Colby Lewis to be his Opening Day starter, not Darvish. The articles goes on to detail what the rotation might look like with Darvish, Roy Oswalt, or even both. If it happened to be both, the DMN thinks Matt Harrison could be the odd man out.

Richard Durrett writes about Neftali Feliz preparing for his transition from closer to starter. The Rangers set up a meeting between Feliz and Pedro Martinez which sounds just dandy. The two will meet again before Spring Training and Pedro is going to work with Feliz on his changeup. Please let this work out like that time Nolan Ryan met up with some tall fireballer named Randy Johnson.

In other Feliz news, Jeff Wilson has some quotes from Feliz about his side of the bottom of the 10th inning of Game 6 story.

Todd Wills has a few notes about Alexi Ogando's offseason plans, Feliz's transition, and Fan Fest attracting 12,000 fans this year.

Finally, if you were looking forward to Joel Zumaya restarting his career in Texas, Gerry Fraley delivers the bad news that Zumaya chose the Minnesota Twins -- and a guaranteed major league contract -- instead of Texas.