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Rockies acquire former Ranger Guillermo Moscoso

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Per the official Oakland A's Twitter feed, the Colorado Rockies have traded outfielder Seth Smith to the Oakland A's for pitchers Josh Outman and Guillermo Moscoso.

Smith was a 2nd rounder of the Rockies in the 2004 draft, is 29 years old, hits lefthanded, and is one of those tweener outfielders who is good defensively in the corner spots, not quite good enough to play center. He's got some power, walks some, doesn't hit for a ton of average...basically, he's your typical Oakland A's outfielder.

Outman came over with Adrian Cardenas and Matt Spencer from Philadelphia in the Joe Blanton trade,* and is a middling, generic lefty who probably wouldn't kill you as the #5 starter, and who will probably stick around in the league for a decade without anyone really remembering him or knowing who he ever played for.

* Given that Cardenas' star is pretty well faded, the Blanton trade is a pretty solid "loss" for Billy Beane, I think.

Moscoso is, of course, the guy who caught my eye. He was traded (along with Carlos Melo) to the Rangers from Detroit for Gerald Laird, and had some impressive minor league performances for the Rangers, but couldn't stick in a bullpen role. He actually had a pretty decent season for the A's last year, with a 3.38 ERA and a 4.23 FIP in 128 innings (primarily as a starter), but he seems to be one of the deck chairs that is being re-arranged in the wacky, wacky Oakland offseason.