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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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In about 32 hours or less we should know whether or not Yu Darvish will be a Texas Ranger.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Darvish deadline and notes that Darvish's agents are in town to bang out a deal. Wilson also has quotes from Alexi Ogando and Matt Harrison about the potential rotation logjam if Darvish signs. Harrison in particular doesn't seem enamored with the idea of returning to the bullpen.

T. R. Sullivan reports on the possibility of the Rangers signing both Darvish and Prince Fielder. Sullivan writes that the Rangers expect to finalize a deal for Darvish but adding Fielder would then become "unlikely."

However, the DMN has a transcript of Evan Grant's appearance on SportsDay On Air where he says the Rangers have interest in signing both. He also says that Fielder wants to be a Texas Ranger and has simply been waiting for the Darvish situation to conclude.

Yet more from Grant on SportsDay On Air: Grant says if the Rangers were to sign Fielder it would take a seven-year deal and would take "creative thinking." Grant also thinks the Rangers will sign Roy Oswalt.

Richard Justice writes on that the Rangers should sign Prince Fielder even if it means waving goodbye to Josh Hamilton after next season.

Mac Engel, however, thinks the Rangers should avoid signing Scott Boras clients and save that money for Hamilton.