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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Yesterday's news that Yu Darvish and the Rangers had agreed to a contract basically confirmed what seemed inevitable...nevertheless, there was always that slight chance things could blow up, and the fact that Darvish is officially signed and in the fold is good news, and allows the organization to focus on the rest of the outstanding issues for this offseason.

Jeff Wilson has a lengthy story in the S-T about the signing of Darvish, Darvish's agent saying that the Rangers had worked to develop a relationship with Darvish over the past year that resulted in Texas being the team Darvish wanted to play for, and including a text message from a "high-ranking Rangers official" that I'm pretty sure didn't come from Nolan Ryan.

T.R. Sullivan also has a story on the Darvish signing at the Rangers' website.

Rob Neyer has a piece that contemplates how good Darvish will be with Texas.

Richard Justice has a column saying that the Rangers should now move to add Prince Fielder, along with Darvish, to their roster.

Evan Grant does a Q&A on the Darvish signing and its impact on the club, including touching on a variety of issues relating to how this impacts the club's finances, such as the increased revenue Darvish may generate.

Richard Durrett talked to Yu Darvish's father, who says that Darvish was very happy to get a deal done with Texas.

Drew Davison writes about Darvish's "rock star status."

Behind the paywall, Grant writes that adding Darvish improves the Rangers rotation.

Randy Galloway has an odd column on the Darvish signing, quoting Nolan Ryan and Trey Hillman, and saying that Nolan wasn't sold on Darvish until he saw how big a steak Darvish could eat at Del Frisco's. Seriously, that's what he says.

Anthony Andro writes that, with the Rangers having signed Darvish, it is "very unlikely" that the Rangers will be able to sign Prince Fielder.