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Yu Darvish v. C.J. Wilson -- A Poll

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The Rangers' 2011 #1 starter, C.J. Wilson, signed with the Los Angeles Angels for 5 years, $77.5 million.

The Rangers seemingly had minimal interest in retaining him, and instead have chosen to spend $111.7 million over 6 years for Yu Darvish to be the team's #1 starter.

It is obviously a pretty gutsy decision to spend more on the unproven guy than on the pitcher who you know and who has had success in your very hitter-friendly environment, and I'm not convinced the Rangers made the right decision here.

But let's take a poll on the issue...assuming, for the sake of discussion, the Rangers could afford to sign either Darvish (for 6 years at $111.7 million) or Wilson (for 5 years at $77.5 million), which one would you have picked? Or would have passed on both, thinking both wanted more money than was reasonable for too many years?

Cast your vote below...