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Friday morning Rangers things

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Jeff Wilson writes that Ranger fans are clamoring for Prince Fielder, but notes that signing Fielder would reduce the team's flexibility, and possibly take at bats away from Mike Napoli.

Randy Galloway thinks there's a 50/50 chance that the Rangers sign Fielder, and heaps praise on "Bob and Ray" for their willingness to speak softly and carry a big wallet.

Prashanth Francis looks at the pros and cons of signing Prince Fielder, and focuses in particular on whether Fielder has growth potential with his power.

T.R. Sullivan poses some questions (which he then answers) regarding the signing of Yu Darvish.

Richard Durrett talks to Mike Napoli, who says he has started running again after injuring his ankle, is impressed with what he's sign of Yu Darvish on tape, and hopes to avoid an arbitration hearing with the Rangers.

Behind the paywall, Gerry Fraley writes that the Rangers have had a bad history with their previous seven Asian pitchers. I think the implication is that we shouldn't expect Yu Darvish to be successful, since he's Asian, but it is behind the paywall, and I'm not really sure what Hideki Irabu's track record, or Chan Ho Park's, with the Rangers has to do with Darvish.