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Tuesday(s With Sean Green) Morning Rangers Update

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Anthony Andro writes about Josh Hamilton's appearance at a Winter Caravan stop in Ft. Worth last night. In addition to signing autographs for fans, Hamilton spoke a bit about his contract extension talks and voiced a little frustration over being compared to Prince Fielder.

Jesse Sanchez writes about a contingent of Rangers' brass visiting the Dominican Republican. Nolan Ryan and the gang took some time on Monday to scout free-agent Cuban lefty Gerardo Concepcion.

Even with the Rangers on holiday, the show must go on. Gerry Fraley has a report on the Rangers finding a trade market for Koji Uehara. Reports last night speculated that Koji could land in Toronto but he would need to waive his no-trade clause before that could happen.

Perhaps the Rangers could use the $4 million saved by trading Uehara to help them land Prince Fielder. Rick Gosselin spoke of the Fielder sweepstakes on SportsDay Live and said that if Fielder is choosing between Nationals and Rangers then it is about the money versus opportunity to win.

Richard Durrett has his Positional Outlook on the first base position. Which, for now, is a job for the combination of Mitch Moreland, Michael Young, and Mike Napoli.

Andro writes that Mike Maddux is confident that Yu Darvish will come to Spring Training next month in shape after Darvish returned to Japan to continue his training program.

Durrett has the dates for the Rangers' arbitration hearings should they be unable to reach agreements with their remaining arbitration eligible players.

Alden Gonzalez is the latest baseball writer to take note of the ramped-up rivalry between the Rangers and Angels.

Matthew Pouliot has a piece on how the Rangers may have benefited from career low strikeout rates for a majority of their hitters in 2011.

Finally, T.R. Sullivan notes that the Rangers have signed a couple of relievers to minor league contracts with invitations to Spring Training. One of the pitchers is lefty Mitch Stetter who was with Milwaukee last season. The other is righty Sean Green.

Man: Hey Sean, I heard you were coming to Surprise for Spring Training.



Man: What's that?

Where we train.

Man: Where who trains?

The Brewers.

Man: The Brewers train in Phoenix. Maryvale is a neighborhood in Phoenix.


Man: Also, you're a Ranger now. They train in Surprise.


Oh yeah

(This has been a tribute to my favorite Jeff Sullivan bit of all time: Tuesdays With Sean Green.)